Sunday, March 17, 2013

An Irish Blessing

May the road rise up to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine war upon your face.
May the rain fall softly on your fields,
Until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

I have always loved this little blessing.  I wanted to share it with you today.

I do not bead on Sunday, but the Fusion Beads challenge for March suggested that I make something green today.  I have been beading all month and have made a lot of green items.  I don't have to make them today, only wear them.  Have been wearing them all week, by the way.

Hope to get this blog caught up this week.  I have been 'frought' with problems.  The beading went well, the photos not so great, but the computer was el busto.  My hard drive died.  I have been using a simple minded back-up computer that Dan had sitting around in his office.  It has nothing on it but the internet. AND it is the slowest computer on the planet.  I might be getting my email, but accessing the sites there is so impossible.  It takes forever to go to any site. (besides the silly computer just shuts off at random)  I am not used to that.  It drives me to distraction--I just give up and decide to read it later.  It is not easy to get computer time on the house computer either.  When it is not in use, I am otherwise engaged.

So, I have no access to my pictures, to my Excel, or anything.  I do hope it is not lost forever.  My last off computer backup on the bead inventory was quite a while ago.  Many, many items were put in since then as I have worked diligently to inventory all the boxes of beads that were sitting around here.  I shan't do it again.  It was months of work. 

The same day the WiFi router died and there was no access to even my email on my Kindles.  I have been dead in the water.  Woe is me.  But I kept on beading and have a great pile of jewelry made this month in accordance to the March Challenge.  I hope to have a new hard drive installed in my sad computer in the next couple of days so I can publish all my month's work. 

So until then  May the road rise up to meet you. . .

Preview of the coming week.  Catching up is hard to do.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Use A Bead In Your Stash.

Today:  Use a bead that's been in your bead stash forever!

Where do I begin.  My stash is full of beads that have been here forever.  I chose Jade--with green being the COY and March and all.  I collected a goodly stock of Nephrite Jade a long time ago.  The time is now.

First, the earrings.  One pair of lovely carved shamrocks are made into an earring set along with Sterling Silver earwires and other findings.  They are precious.  They are also lost.  They were worn to work today for St. Patty's Day early--not open on Sundays.  Then I decided to take them off and use the Celtic Charm earrings to go with the gold necklace I wore.  Alas, they are now missing.  I took them off at work and cannot find them anywhere.  

If and when I do locate them, I will put them in this blog.  So sad!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Use Swarovski Mini Bead in an Earring

Today:  Use colorful Swarovski Elements mini beads in a pair of earrings!

Done--planned ahead and ordered a few of the new mini flat rounds in green, of course.  They are small.

This Saint Patrick's Day earring is all Irish.  Included in the earring are gold Celtic design beads and gold shamrocks with the emerald green mini bead in between;  an breeze to make and a fun earring for the holiday.

See:  Celtic Charm:

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Make A Piece for Girl's Night Out

Today:  Make a piece for girl's night out with lots of sparkle and go get your bling on!

My girl's night out is Book Club which I missed last night.  I don't do bling at Book Club.  I do have the perfect string of high quality quartz crystals found in my stash to make a real snazzy necklace.  Will add on when complete.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Use Your Favorite Seed Bead Mix

Today:  Use your favorite seed bead mix in a design.

Pass for today.  Do I have a favorite seed bead mix???

There is one that I purchased for a necklace I designed last year for a contest.  (See Come Summer, Aug. 19, 2012.)  Another string of seed beads and 4 mm Swarovski crystals was to go along with the necklace.  

I will try to add that and show and tell for today's challenge.  If I can find them.  Where is that black  hole anyway??  

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Finish An Unfinished Beading Project

Today:  Take a step back and finish an unfinished beading project!

Now let's see.  Which project do I want to tackle first?  I chose an old one.  Again the inspiration comes from Stringing Style by Jamie Hogsett,  Pearl Cluster, cover and pg. 60.

While ordering beads, many moons ago, even many years, I found just the perfect cherry/cranberry colored pearl beads and knew they must be made into this necklace.  No focal bead was found.  Then some fun red wiggle wire appeared and was purchased and set aside for the piece.  Last year a lampworked bead showed up that suddenly said, "I'm the one."

The piece was started, but, lo, never completed.  Pearl beads, in case you haven't used them before, have the tiniest holes.  That is why the perfect tool to invest in is a pearl reamer.  One must also use finer wire with pearl--.012 or .014 AccuFlex or Bead-A-long is the best.  The wiggle wire was not that fine.  Each pearl had to be reamed out from both sides before they could be coaxed onto the wire.  As seen in the picture below, there are many, many pearls to be strung.  Thus, the project was tabled after a while--very labor intensive.

Now complete, it was a big, huge project.  It took way more than one day to complete.  Now it is gratefully done.  Whew!  The open wires are supposed to be that way, thankfully.  That saved a lot of time and energy.  I chose the red wiggle wire because some wires are exposed;  thought it might look better than plain gold.  It really doesn't show up that much, more the pity.  Random gold beads are strung throughout the piece.

It is pretty and a bit elegant for my clothes, but I could get something new.  Ha, ha, ha.  It will look good on a white knit top with a nicer, straight skirt.  Must dig deeper.

View it:  Pearls ala Cherry:

It is a somewhat cumbersome necklace with 6 rows of pearl beads.  Three rows are attached to the focal bead.  The focal is a lampworkeded bead with flakes of gold and multiple colors.  Earrings will come later.  See focal bead:

Gold focal bead compliments the gold strung beads.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Use a Found Object in a Jewelry Piece

Today:  get creative and use a found object in a jewelry piece!

Pass today.  Found a beautiful feather, but have not yet designed a piece of jewelry from it.  Probably wouldn't wear a feather.

To fill in for this day, I found a use for a spiral bead that I keep looking at wondering what to do with it.  It is a lime green bead that has a fancy coating on one side to make it iridescent.  I combined it with a silver earwire and hung a silver dolphin from the eyepin used to connect the earring.  It is pretty and fun.

See:  Dolphin Spiral:

Agree?  Cute.