Monday, August 1, 2016

Summer Doldrums

As the heat soars into the three digit numbers, it is time to recoup the summer's plans and work.  The yard and garden have been foremost in my mind.  I started early with seedlings done in February and March, cold frame planted in April, garden organization and planting in May.

This is a set of unique LED lights that my husband, Dan, arranged for my bedding plants.  There is one blue then four red light in strips. They are meant to be optimum grow lights for seedlings.  The tomatoes loved it the most growing an inch a day.

Things were going along smoothly until the happy interruption to the process.  Off we went to Indiana for a week and then to Maryland to visit Ariane for a week.  It was an interruption well spent.

At the Tennessee Temple with Kopin's family.
Caught resting after Eagle Court

Kobin Kempe, Eagle Scout

In May my oldest grandchild (and grandson), Kobin Kempe got a mission call from our church to the Tokyo South Mission in Japan.  I was so surprised (and not surprised, really) to learn that he had been learning Japanese all through High School and into his first year of college.  Kobin has always been a brilliant child, skipping a grade in elementary school and graduating from high school one month after turning seventeen.  He was accepted to Vanderbilt University attending his first year before his mission call.  (By the way he became friends with David Archuleta at Vanderbilt.  [name dropper])

Unfortunately, but not so unfortunately, his mission venue was changed to the Honolulu Hawaii Marshaleze Speaking Mission because supplying his diabetic supplies would be too costly out of the country.  He left the Mission Training Center in Provo, Utah for Hawaii today, and he was so excited.  Who wouldn't be excited to go to Hawaii?
Kobin in the MTC.  Clever at making interesting drinks.
Quick look at Maryland:  We visited Fort McHenry in Baltimore , and took in a local parade on Memorial  Day.  More on these exciting adventures later.
Lifting cannon balls at Ft. McHenry, MD

Parade at Odenton, MD on Memorial Day

Watch for my garden escapades of Summer 2016.

Preview of Garden Tour:
The Garden Gate laden with grapes.


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