Friday, January 1, 2016

Pledging "More"

January 1  the day to begin a new year--2016--and a day to begin again in earnest, to tackle all the goals of the New Years Days of the past. It is not just a joke for serious people, those who really consider improving their lives.  What better day to make the decision to move forward?  No one plans to fail in a week, a month or less.  We don't make resolutions to break.  We all want to succeed.

The mistake I make every year is to create a monster schedule that can only be kept by a superwoman.  Please step forward if you resemble that woman.  No?  Think  you might be, might try this year?  Good luck, my friend.  Truly.

What to do: take baby steps.  See the movie with  Bill Murray,  "What About Bob?"  I never forget the baby steps.  

Here is my approach this year.  I broadened the scope of my blog last year by adding the words 'and More" meaning I do more than beads and wish to blog about those things, too.  

Today I wish to put more emphasis on the word  'More".  I wish to do more.  More blog posts.  More beading.  More sewing. More crafting.  More gardening.  More tips.  More sharing. Most of all, more consistent.  I want to be there, do that!

I don't want to do it all this week--it would be difficult since my back went out Monday and I can barely walk.  I don't expect to do much more even in January because I have surgery coming up on the 12th, but I am not quiting because of a few setbacks.  

Now I really need more sleep.  This is late because I couldn't sit up straight to write this blog.  For 2016 it is good to go. 
Whew, just under the wire for January 1.

HAPPY  2016


PS:  Would love to receive 'more' comments.  Love you more.


  1. I want to do more for you, and show my love more. So sorry about your back! Do you know how long of a hospital stay you will have from your surgery Jan 12? We want to have dinner for you and Dan the day that you get back home from it. Loving you...more!

  2. More is a good word. Mine is believe. Like yours it is to believe in myself, believe in good things to come, and other things associated with believe. You will do great and do many more things then you can imagine.