Tuesday, May 31, 2011

365 Days of Beading

This bare space is my canvas. I intend to learn to use my computer, figure out how to manage a blog and use my thousands of beads to make something new each day. (But never on a Sunday, a Sunday, a Sunday 'cause that's my day of rest.) And to share it with the world. Sounds ambitious, doesn't it?

Yesterday while working on my bead inventory I watched Julie and Julia. This was a darling movie. I loved it. If you were turned off by the swearing in the book, see the movie. The swearing was kept to a minimum--maybe three words. It has inspired me to start a blog that I have been thinking about for several weeks.

This is a big project (somewhat manic--I couldn't go to sleep last night thinking about the things I could do!). Besides actually sitting down and creating jewelry I must learn to photograph it, get the photo into the computer and onto the blog and do it every day, rain or shine, in sickness and in health, and while vacationing. This sounds like a big committment; married to it for a year. I am not sure I have ever done anything for a year except buy beads.

So....I, CJ Hall, vow to carry out this project, so help me God--please, help me, God. I ask for the support of those who care, those who know how to do it, and family and friends to get it off the ground. I am excited! I am driven--not committed, I hope. Thank you in advance for the support.

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