Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 80: Come Summer

This fun necklace was created for a contest for the Fusion Bead Blog.  They offered a variety of beads to make into a piece of jewelry (and not at a discount either, spent $30+).  I wrestled with the flowers for a week.  They wouldn't stay on top of the chain unless you displayed it only.  I was never satisfied with that so I didn't enter it in the competition. 

I still love it even if the flowers are always upside-down.  The hook is on the end of the chain and fastens to the end of the flowers.  I wanted it versatile so you could wear it long or short or trail the flowers off the end.  Some ideas never work out.  It is made of Swarovski Pearls in Coral, Swarovski Bicones in a Watermelon Combo pack and gold chain and lucite flowers in two styles.  There is also a pack of mixed seed beads, but I didn't work them in.  This is my creation called Come Summer.

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