Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tropical Fruit Earring

Wow!  Three days to get this post done!  I had no idea this week would be so busy.

This earring is one I saw on and has been on my mind for a while.  I didn't make it exactly like the one I saw, but modified it to my own taste, but it is similar.  The original was wired together somehow and I didn't do that.  I used a 3" long gold headpin and then slipped wire wrapped beads onto the pin after using a bail type wrap on the bottom turquoise bead. 

The beads I used were turquoise, garnet chips, carnelian pebbles, green aquamarine pebbles (yes, green aquamarine).  It is a fun combination of colors that do look like little fruit bits.  I used gold findings for my color type. 

I credit the idea to the artist that designed it, a Thai girl named Nareerat, as sold on and I do not plan to sell any of these.  I made it for personal use.  Doubt that counts for anything, but I don't want to buy something for $21 that I can make for under $2.  And I have been in love with this earring for over 6 months.  (Besides, mine doesn't look as nice.)

How about tropical fruit against 4" of snow? 

Pix are not the best.  Out of practice.  I hope to get going again soon.

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