Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Quilt

The Irish Chain

The Irish Chain Is the perfect quilt for March.  The colors are bright and cheery.  I love this quilt and one day I will quilt it.  Oops.  The Back is on and the sides are all finished, but I have not put it on the frame  yet to quilt. It will have quilted shamrocks in the center of the large white spaces. 
I will put the quilt on the large quilt frames for a queen sized quilt and baste it all across both ways then use my mother's small frames to quilt it from the center out.  These techniques will prevent the top from moving around.  I will add those pix as soon as I get those steps in motion.  Soon, I promised myself.

With Dan's New Camera Nikon D3300
With My older Panasonic Lumix Camera

Can you see the difference?  Dan got a new camera and so I thought I would compare the pix.  I personally cannot see much difference.  He used my blog as his excuse to buy a new camera.  Now is he going to take all of my blog pictures? I will have to learn to use it myself with all the bells and whistles.  I don't do bells and whistles too well.

I also made the pillows covers with the same pattern and  put zippers in them so they can be stored flat in a smaller space.

Pillow with Green Center
Pillow with White Center

Zipperr placket

I also made a baby quilt several years ago that I can use on the sofa as March decorations.  

It has been quilted, and the back is a white with green polka dot.

I love to change the color of the towel, pictures and some of the curtains to match the holiday of the month.  The window valences and curtains have already been replaced with Easter colors. 

Master Bath
The corner of my master bathroom has greens and greens.  The picture of daffodils was painted with pastels by my third daughter, Alicia, when she was in high school.  The little planter rack on the toilet back holds extra hand towels and wash cloths.

You might notice the little electronic device on the wall under the picture.  It is an emergency light.  

Emergency Light
It comes on when the power goes off.  There are several of them placed around the house. 
Emergency Light Switch

This one is the switch.  When the electricity is off (or when one of the grandkids pull it out of the socket) it sends a signal to the others to turn on the light.  It is a great idea when the power suddenly goes off at nightime.  You can maneuver around the house without a lantern or candle.  I bought it at Amazon.

Sorry for the late post.  Life got interrupted before I got it done.




  1. I did the daffodil picture actually. I did it in pastel. I remember sitting in your front yard doing it. This was a long time ago one spring day.

    1. So sorry; I always thought it was Alicia, picture. It is one of my favorite. Thank you, Angie.