Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Utah SLC So Mission

We're Back!

Windy Day at the Mission Office

We are now back to the mission office for a while. The people we trained had an early release, and the President is swamped with a major transfer coming July 1.  He called to ask for help.  A lot of picture taking and transfer packets need to be made and pictures are what Dan did before we were released.  I can still answer the telephone.  It seems like we were just on a 4 month vacation and we never left the mission.  We settled back in one day.

This month there will be a major shifting of boundaries in the area missions.  I can't talk about it right now because it is very secret.  It is a busy time here, so we were called to fill in until new office persons can be found and trained. 

At the Reception Desk

At the Computer Specialist Desk

The only thing certain in this life is change and things change all the time.  It will be fun to see the wet behind the ears 18 and 19 year olds come into the mission again and to send the veteran missionaries home.  They are all grown up when they leave--men and women ready to face life head-on.



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