Friday, July 10, 2015

Back Again

Back home after five weeks service at the Salt Lake City South Mission. They needed us.  It is so wonderful to be needed.  I sat down at my old desk and felt like I had never left the mission.  The love poured out by the missionaries was so gratifying.  As I answered the telephone with "Sister Hall" there would be a pause and then "SISTER HALL!".  I loved every call.

Now it is time to pick up my blog and run with it.  The first weekend (4th of July) I worked to finish up my back yard.  I am building another terraced area beside the new pergola--trying to regain the barren chicken yard.  Many concrete wall bricks later, I tore it apart and started again, but Life Interuptus one more time happened.  I reached down into the big black garbage can for a piece of wood and something popped in my chest. The X-ray ruled out a broken or cracked rib, but there is still this hard lump and swelling and pain on my right chest.  This is the fifth day restricting me from over exerting or lifting (large cement wall bricks) so I have been doing indoor things.

I mended some broken jewelry, made a cute pair of Red, White and Bloom Earrings and misplaced one before I even wore it. This was before I hurt myself.  My first big project was a Tropical Miranda Necklace to match the Tropical Orchard Earrings that I posted March 3, 2012.

I had an idea in mind called Summer Flower that I saw on and posted on Pinterest on my board: Bead It Daily.  It was not something I wanted to copy so I made a redo and called it Tropical Miranda Necklace after the film star in the 40's named Carmen Miranda who wore colorful ruffled dresses and a bandana/hat  made of fruit.  She was before your time, my time, too. Maybe your grandmother's time.  I have a skirt that is bright and tropical with a ruffle that I wear with a bright marigold yellow knit shirt.  This will match it perfectly.

The real yellow.

The photography was very poor.  It was getting late in the evening and a huge black cloud overtook the sun before I could capture the pictures.  I finally gave up after tons of bad pix.  I made them extra large so you could see the details. Top picture was taken inside.  The light was crumby so I went outside.  The center picture above is what color the shirt really is when the camera decided to take its own pix.  (I touched the screen and it kept on shooting.)  The bottom pix is hanging in the Hawthorn Tree.  I included it so you can see the shed that was painted yesterday. I do like the colors together.  The redwood is bright and the background is a medium Loden Green.  I just wanted Loden Green, but was afraid it would be too dark so I chose the middle shade on the paint chip.  It could be darker, but it looks good.  Different anyway.

These are some sweet missionary Sisters that I love and miss.  

The colors of the skirt is shown here.  The necklace picks up the colors in the skirt.  I used Turquoise, yellow colored Mountain Jade, Red Agate, Carnelian, Amethyst, and Garnet stones to make the 24" necklace and the earrings.  Both are made with gold plated findings and gold filled clasp and earwires.  This set can be recreated if desired.



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