Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Snowy Day Part II

It snowed all day.  Cottonwood Heights took second place for the most snow at 23 inches, but it continued to snow after last night's news.  It's a marshmallow world outside.

Back patio with poor bending apple tree.

Can you see the stump from last year's dead cottonwood tree.  It has not been carved into art yet.  Behind it is another dead tree.  This is my pine tree out front that I grew from a sapling given to me on the first Earth Day.  It is over 25 years old.  Now it has succumbed to a pine borer.

Yesterday I misnamed the day.  It was a snowy day and not a "snow day".  12 inches of snow and schools were in session.   Beat that Maryland.  Today 24+ inches of snow and I saw children going to school.  We are tough in Utah.  RRRoar!

Here is some more pix:
My front yard forest.

Three Gumdrop Pots.  (Under the deck)

Getting Deeper!

Draped with snow.
You can't get much better than this (if you ski).  Eat your heart out.  Hibernation is my idea of enjoying this much snow.  Too icy, too slippery, too dangerous for us old people.

At least we have stairs to the chicken coop now so I don't have to slide down the hill or fall on my fanny after feeding the chickens.  I am not a deer, not sure-footed at all on snow/ice.

Enjoy the weather where you are.  Remember what we get on Monday comes to you on Wednesday, my children in Illinois and Indiana and you get lake effect snow, too.  Thursday, Maryland.  



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  1. I love looking at snow, it can be so beautiful.