Monday, December 14, 2015

Winter Has Arrived

At long last.  Winter.  Not that I love it that much.  I had to walk to the bank this morning because we have a foot of snow on our driveway and Dan ran out of gas in the snowblower.  It was taking a lot of work to get down to the driveway/sidewalk because the snow was so wet.  Be Warned:  this storm is on it's way East.

By the way, it is still snowing.

My herb pot on the front porch.  
Deeper than my dogs.
 Remember when the snow was higher than Koco?  It is not quite that deep yet, but it is higher than my little miniature poodle dogs.  They won't go outside for a picture.
Winter Wonderland!

All the bushes are bent to the ground.

Looks like more than a foot on this pot.

Merry Christmas!



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