Friday, January 22, 2016

Back To Beading

I am anxious to start beading again.  Last summer I made many pieces of jewelry to sell at the Sandy City festival at Bear Park, but I was unable to attend due to a late summer trip.  On that road trip I beaded in the car for miles after long miles across the states of Wyoming, Nebraska and Iowa.  It was better to be beading instead of sleeping through my book.

  There is so much more to do, but I cannot run downstairs to do it.  Last trip to the clinic I checked out my craft room before going upstairs.  It is topsy-turvy with Christmas sewing fabrics and November through December totes of decoration storage waiting for the big sorting I always want to do before putting them away in the black hole storage space under the stairs. Before surgery I injured my back and couldn't even move the totes, and now after surgery I cannot lift over 10 lbs or be running up and down stairs, and am not sure  how long that indictment will last.  I am chomping at the bit to get back to my craft room to work.  The body governs itself and lets you know when to stop or suffer the consequences.  I have noticed that already this week. "You think you can do this, Nemo, but you can't". 

I did gather some recent bead orders to sort through upstairs when I am 'resting'.  It is time to enlist a photographer--you know who that is--the man with the fancy camera, and start posting jewelry on my blog.  After all, the name of my blog is about daily beads. Let's put some beads on here.  These are not his.
All the beads I ordered that came in December.

You may notice a lot of Swarovski crystals and pearls.  They were on sale at 30% off.  I like those sales and I love Swarovski Crystals.  

I made this simple stretch bracelet with 10 mm Swarovski pearls and a Stirling Silver bead.  I plan to make more to sell.  I love the combination of colors.

To the orthopedic office today to discuss what to do about my deteriorating back discs. Poor me. 



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  1. Cute bracelet. Very type 1! Glad to see you up and going again. Don't overdo it 😊. Love you.