Saturday, January 2, 2016

Life Is A Kaleidoscope.

Remember the fun of looking through a kaleidoscope as a child? I could do it for hours.  There was never the same collection of fragments and combinations.  I still love to look through them.  

Life takes on this sort of randomness most of the time.  You can never trust that today's view will be the same one as yesterday. Will there be a gorgeous set of colors filling the day, or will the day be a bland collection of colorless glass fragments that just sit there uninvitedly?  (Spell check says that is not a word, but if the world can -ize everything into a verb I can -ly it into an adverb.)

Can you say when the day is through that tomorrow will be as fun?  Or will you get the sniffles in the morning and a fever and the week takes on a different pathway than the one you planned.  Will you step sideways and put your back out of place which leads to suffering and delay?  

This is what happened to me.  Little did I know last Saturday night that on Monday I wouldn't be able to get myself out of a chair or pick up anything lower than my waist.  My end of the year week was filled with lofty plans to get the Holiday decorations put away and set up new possibilities that reflect the snow and ice outside.  I was ready to sign out of the 2015 year  of shining red and green crystals and switch to a glittering frosty new year and month of Swarovski-like dazzle. 2016 promised an invigorating assortment of hope and gleaming newness. Instead, the glass fell  to grey and muddy white and thoughts of hopelessness and bland same old, same old. 

"The best laid plans of mice and men..." If you ever wanted to know where that quote came from look up the poem "To A Mouse", by Robert Burns.  It will give you the origin of the often quoted phrase.  It is really quite a good poem.  I like the way he looks at the world.

Can you find the hidden angels?
Idaho Falls River

Lone Goose Chase.

(Life does have it's moments of joy.  Proof is in the pix of a birthday ride on an ordinary day.) Had to interject something not so depressing.

Now I am looking at the world through a fractured kaleidoscope and am taking charge of my blog while sitting around and rethinking it.  I may upgrade away from Blogger, but I will give you fair notice. There is much more to blogs than the simplicity of the one I know and love.  It is a format I understand at long last, and I am timid to go beyond this little world that I have created, but I need to grow.  Soooo...  I am considering turning that kaleidoscope myself and hope to see a beautiful assortment of colors and a lovely arrangement of glass.  Stay with me.  It won't be as painful for you as it will for me.




  1. I finally have it so email will come from your blog posts so I can comment!! That is the important thing, right?
    I don't remember that birthday ride, and i'm the Mother. Hope things are looking up. The crystal thing sounds really cool.

  2. It looks like early Spring. Probably Ian's birthday. We went to a museum and then out to dinner. We stopped at this little park to eat.

  3. I love looking in kaleidoscopes. Life is sure like that.