Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day

Memorial Day observance was done by us this year on Sunday.  On Monday we worked  on the new patio all day and a  steak on the grill for the two of us.  It seems weird to celebrate the holidays alone.  It doesn't seem like a holiday that way.

We made the rounds to the graves starting with Hanna.  I was able to make some pretty pink and purple bouquets for the girls this year because the Peonies bloomed Sunday morning just in time to cut. The Iris hung on for a long time this year in spite of the early warm weather.  The cool,  rainy stuff we had the last two weeks slowed down their demise.  Roses were out, but not in abundance.  

First Stop Hanna's:

 Memorial for 9/11
Hanna's tree is the big pine tree left of the water spray.  It is easy to find now that they built this memorial.

Sorry about the rose petal covering up the Anderson.  I spread them around, but didn't see it on the name.  I bought the mums in case the flowers were gone.  I just saw these pretty white blossoms and they looked just like angel blooms so I bought them--one for Hanna and one for Emily and Richard.

We moved on to Wasatch Lawns.  We always have to clean up the grave markers there.  They are all overgrown and dirty.  We made a pink and purple bouquet for Emily and a mostly blue one for Richard. 

We clean up the next door neighbor, Bertha Kreutner, too.  She never has any flowers.  We have adopted her as a grandmother. When I was in Elementary School I walked to school with a girl named Jane Kreutner.  I just like Bertha because of it, I guess.

We then located Dan's brother's grave.  It is by this gnarled old juniper tree, probably the only one in Wasatch Lawn.

Then on to the other side of the valley for the rest of Dan's family, at least the deceased ones, Norman, his father, Leona, his mother and Ken his younger brother who died young at 39 with MS.


Norman and Leona

Last, and least, we buried Molly, our oldest and first chicken on Monday morning.  She died sometime between Sunday afternoon and Monday morning.  So sad to see her go.  She must have been at least 6 or 7 years old.  RIP, Molly.

I made a craft.  This is a door decor that I put together.  I am rather pleased with the way it turned out.  I can do crafts!!  I used vines from my own yard and some pretty flowers from JoAnns.



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