Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Plaids are back!


Here are a few more upcoming styles to look for on your friends and neighbors that may appeal to you:  
Booties, or ankle boots with skirts and not just with pants. oversize sweaters, huge or plaid wool scarves, shawls with fringe or ponchos, longer pendant necklaces with tassels, vests (not the oversized men's style in tapestry of the 80's) puffy and denim vests. See Four Basics to Have In your Wardrobe from KSL's Studio Five.  I have also pinned several updated styles on my Pinterest Page under Style.

And PLAID shirts and dresses. shawls or accessories.  I love plaids!!  Last time plaid made a quick appearance I missed it totally,  bought fabric and it sits still. I love plaid!! The style is large plaid and screaming large buffalo check.  Luckily, I have a cedar chest full of Pendleton Wool plaids of all sizes that I collected while working for House of Fabrics years ago.

I brought out all the plaid fabrics in my cedar chest and laid them out on the bed to check them out.  Here is the selection.  
 The top row is mostly Pendleton Wool ($30 per yard even in the 80's).  The bottom row are other woolens of various quality.  

Some are famous Tartan plaid styles, but I would have to look them up;  I have forgotten the names.

I dug out some wool clothing, too. I think they are basics as well as trendy now.  I made this skirt last winter, but it is just a bit too tight.  It is a Vogue pattern.  

Tip:  Vogue and Butterick patterns are always tighter than Simplicity and McCall.  Cut a size larger than you would wear in the other patterns and/or check the actual measurements on the pattern to determine your size.

These two outfits will pass for plaids today, I think, because they are basic styles.  The jacket would look good with a black skirt or slacks, and a longer sweater hanging below the hemline.  For me to wear them, the skirts would need to be cut off at the top and brought up for the waist to fit.  I was a lot lighter when I made them.  Not sure it is worth the work, but I do love them.  They are a rather long midi length, and will look good with boots and sweaters this year. 

Plaid styles are so basic they can slip into most new trends without sticking out as '80s or '90s, but the most popular color in plaid this year is red, and  black and white buffalo checks.  (Somewhere I saw that black will be the new Pantone Color of the Year in 2016???  Need to ask the Wiz.) Always keep most of your wardrobe in basic styles with a few trend extremes.  That is the safe way to stay current, but not have an outrageous or too pricey clothes expenditure,



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