Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Got a slight burst of energy.  I finished the last two beds of garden hoses so I don't have to water anything by hand.  I still have major weeding to do, but that will have to be another day.  

While retrieving the hose from the fence where Dan hung them last spring while tilling the beds, I had to cut back a lot of grape vines that had overgrown along the garden fence and up into the pear tree.  I stripped them down and made a wreath base.

fresh grape vine wreath

I have devised a way to make the wreath, allow it to dry and make it perfectly round.  I bought this large green pot  (plus a lot of other pots) last year when JoAnn's had pots on sale for 90% off. This one was not used so I saved it for this year. 

 In the Spring I have to clean the dreaded corner of Creepy Virginia (Virginia Creeper to most folks.)  They are a weed and grow miles and miles in one summer.  They cover my little tree in that corner, the Mulberry Tree I planted and the fences.  I must get a head start each Spring by cutting off all that I can see.  Since my grapevines were not long yet, I decided to make wreaths of the CV/VC.  I certainly had plenty to work with.  I discovered my green pot and Voila, a base to make wreaths on!  

Two different sizes at once.  I also made a spray by bending over several vines, wiring them together and putting something heavy on top to keep them flat.  
I used it to make my patriotic spray for Memorial Day.  It is still on the door for Independence Day and beyond. 

Two sizes on one pot.

Now it's time to make up a wreath for August--with sunflowers.  Yellow--My new love this year.  I have pinned a lot of ideas, but I probably won't copy them. Just ideas. I will keep you posted. 



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