Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday at Home

I didn't go to church today.  The pain in my ribs got a little intense and nauseated me.  I fell asleep and didn't wake up in time to get ready for church.

I slept the three hours of church time, too.  

For dinner I tried a new pin:  (In my boards: Crock it, and I Love Food--Chicken.) It is called "Chicken with Lime and Cilantro".  It cooked on high in the crock pot in 2 1/2 hours.  It is good.  Often I cook my chicken pieces  on high for about 3 hours and they are tender, juicy and not burned.  You have to know your crock pot.

I also made a Risotto with the leftover rice I cooked up earlier for the sick dog.  I had plenty left over for dinner.  Uncontaminated, of course.  I added crimini mushrooms and grated Romano Cheese.  I also made a Waldorf Salad because I had a huge package of celery that was getting older.

Boo threw up all over the place on Saturday.  He couldn't just stand still and do it, but he had to spread it all across the carpet.   Then he later barfed all over my lap.  Then only I could be sure which dog was sick.  I was blaming it on Abby because she barfs all the time. It was too late to go to the vet for Compazine, so I boiled up some rice, stirring it and adding water like a Risotto.  I tried to give him some rice water, but he just threw up on the couch.  I left him alone the rest of the evening.  On Sunday I started  him out with rice water, then later more rice water with a little rice crushed up in it, then later still more rice and water with one little chunk of canned food a  couple of times. This was spread out over the whole day.  He had to prove that he could keep it down. Abby was jealous so she got rice and dog food, too.

He was feeling great all day and a little ticked off that I wouldn't feed him more.

That was my inspirational Sunday.



PS:  Friday night and Saturday Morning I groomed the dogs.  I accidentally nicked Abby's ear and had to stop early. It bled all over my shirt before I noticed and she was not too cooperative after that.  That was another task I accomplished on Saturday.

Boo looks a little sick here.

They were both denuded.  Now they look like black dashiuauadoodles.  I can't deal with  pompoms in the summer.  Too many weed seeds.  Notice the tiny puff of hair on the end of the tail--the only poodle remnant.


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