Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Special Day

This and That on Saturday

I worked around a little bit, took some pix and never got a post done.  Let's see what I planned to do.  

First, we had some waffles for breakfast.Just ordinary waffles made with soft white wheat, honey, coconut oil, kefir and a touch of nutmeg. That is ordinary in this house. I actually got out the wheat grinder and ground the wheat instead of using all purpose flour. it went straight through me, but darn, I am sick of this wimpy gut.  

Enough flowery speech, or is it floury speech. 

My tip of the day is to make a larger batch of waffles than  you can eat and cook them all up and put them on a cake rack to cool. Freeze them for another day.  I do the same with pancakes, but waffles are much better to freeze.  Warm them in a toaster oven to crisp them back up and enjoy another day without the mess.

Lighter ones will toast better.
After drying out they don't stick together.

Next, in spite of how my ribs felt, I had to pick all of the lettuce because it bolted. It went into a sink filled with cold water, and soaked for a while--about a half hour to crisp it back up after picking it in the heat.  It gets a little wilted fast.

Soak off dirt and earwigs.

Drain in spinner.

Spin off excess water and pour out.

Cover and keep in refrigerator for several days.
There was way too much for my spinner so I dug out my Tupperware Crisper.  Old, yes.  I lost the little drain rack for the bottom. (Dogs chewed up one and the other is just gone.)

Place a lid in bottom to keep lettuce out of the water.

Lid is larger than the bottom of crisper.

Spin out the water then fill.

Tupperware to the rescue.

Any left go to the chickens.

Then I filled up my watering can with the water in the sink and watered my flower pots on the front porch.  (Just doing my part to conserve.)

My favorite birthday present.

Vines and Geraniums and RW&B Petunias.

Bougainvillea and Herb garden.

Avocado (from seed) and Yucca

Sad neglected tipped over Jade Plant.  Needs TLC.

Two cat planters with Spider Plants.

The herb garden is in disrepair, too.  The parsley that lived through the winter went to seed (collecting that).  The mint took over the planter and the basil is dying.  The best part is the kale plant I stuck in the pot.

That was about the extent of my work today.



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