Saturday, January 24, 2015

Burger Bust

Burger Bust Saturday

Let the quest for a great burger begin.  I have been craving a juicy burger for a while.  I like 5 Guys, but the bun is not great, but the topping selection is the best. Mostly the bag full of fries is the draw for me.  

I like Smash Burger with their flat crispy burger, not the bun, but love the Smash Fries--very savory.  

Carl's Jr.'s Six Dollar Thickburger is good, but none of them are cooked to medium because of food poisoning restrictions.  They just are  not that juicy.

I made a good burger a while ago and cooked it less than done with Costco's Kirkland Organic Ground Beef and that is the flavor I am looking for.  It was great even on a thin style bun. 

I like other "burgers", too. Turkey, salmon, shrimp--I have a few recipes. Rachel Ray is the queen of burger recipes.  I love to watch her make burgers and wish I was the one to taste it for her.  Therefore, I have begun pinning different burger recipes and plan to try them out.  I also have Rachel's Thirty Minute Meals Cookbook for some interesting ideas. I have designate Saturday as Burger Bust Day.  

Last Saturday's burger was not disappointing. The pin was from Lauren's Wicked Spatula Blog  The burger is Tropical Grilled Salmon Burger with Grilled Pineapple and Avocado.  Of course, I did have to change it a little.  I did not have fresh salmon--too pricey for Saturday night supper. (Maybe for guests.)

I used a 7.5 oz. can of good Wild Sockeye Salmon from Alaska purchased from Azure Farms in Oregon. Then I added one egg, 1/2 cup gluten-free bread crumbs and S&P.  I could not grill it as it was a little too soft, but cooked it in a hot cast iron skillet in olive oil to perfection.  I grilled the pineapple, but, alas, my avocado was too green.  It would have tasted like pine gum.  Next time.  

Place the burger on a bed of butter lettuce (or not is okay), on a grilled thin style bun, Cilantro Lime Mayonnaise (on the blog) and thin sliced jalapeno peppers.  To die for! even without the avocado.

I used my home canned jalepenos (penyo--say it correctly) peppers.  There was an abundance of peppers in my garden last fall.  I used another pin to can them. (Pickled Jalepenos from the blog:  The Yummy Life,   They are so good. On the pineapple they didn't bite like I expected them to.  

I plan to explore the pins that I have pinned in the last few years and use my blog as the place to evaluate them, change them or just plain rave about them.   This is a great one! 

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