Thursday, January 22, 2015

Granny's got her dancing shoes on!

TODAY is the first day of the rest of my year.  After serving an 18 month full-time mission, I am ready to dust off the cobwebs of my daily beading blog. Many hours of thought have been given to this project (while recovering from the third flu attack since getting a flu shot then food poisoning or something more than the normal stomach irritation.)   Ready to go for it!  

After a week long recovery spent coughing and checking out my favorite blogs found on Bloglovin, I just feel the need to say something; something more than beads and beading. Don't get me wrong, I still love to bead, even though I am really rusty, and the bead room is piled high with boxes and fabric and a dozen other things.  I like to do other things, too. Pinterest has opened up a 'whole 'nother" world.  (JK--knowing how much I do not love that phrase.) For me, Pinterest has the clippings that I collected from magazines for years.  They are all organized and easy to access.  Who could ask for more?  

Besides that--it's January.  The time has come, the walrus said . . .   No more day dreaming; just get up and do it.  Yeah!  Heaven knows there are plenty of platitudes for the occasion.  I collect them, too.

Where am I going? Crazy, want to come?  

Deep breath.  I sit with a mug of Tomato Soup and a piece of Tillamook cheese (there is no bread for a grilled cheese sandwich or little else in the house to cook), croutons made from a dried piece of bread spread with butter, sprinkled with pepper flakes and oregano, toasted, and a flat lime squeeze with the last of the Diet Seven-up.  Things are looking up.


Comfort Food--Almost!

What are the assets?  Liabilities?
  •  Love to write.
  •  Love to bead
  •  Love to sew
  •  Love to garden
  •  Love to Pin
  •  Smarter than 'the average bear'
  •  Rudimentary computer skills
  •  Not great in the photo department
  •  Not great in blog set-up
  •  Old--Granny blog

The negatives have never stopped me before.  Self taught all my life.  Never too old to do it again.  I have something to say!  Move over young whipper snappers.  There's room for one more.

                     SEE YOU IN CYBER SPACE  

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