Friday, January 30, 2015

Frumpy Friday

It is grey outside.  You know what that means--Inversion!  I cannot see the mountains, I cannot go outside (already have asthma every day), fog/smog is all around and here I sit. All day!  Park City, here I come, I wish.  

It is late afternoon and I am still in my pjs.  Down, Fly Lady, leave me alone.  The day started out promising and then I turned on the computer while eating my breakfast and it was downhill from there.  Let's see:  bathrooms today. Good thing they are still fairly clean.  A little touch-up tomorrow and voila.  (Can someone please tell me how to spell that word?  It says so much.)

Here's the skinny (dates me).  Yesterday I cleaned up the upstairs bedrooms, pick up, put away, vacuum and everything. However, there was a smelly problem in the boy's room. The cat was accidentally locked in there last week and guess what, she peed on the bed.  Cat Urine! Aaarg!  I am so sick of that smell. I now know that I cannot blame all the destruction of my sofa and loveseat and carpet to feral cats coming in my doggie door at night.  I do think they started it and now my cat thinks she has to finish it. This beautiful cat is on her way to the dog house, if I had one.

The first solution after catching one of the feral cats was to buy a locked doggie door.  The dogs have to wear a little fob on their collar in order to come in or go out.  The cat doesn't have one yet because we have to order another fob. I has a proximity sensor on it that unlocks the door when they come near.  Abby negotiates it just fine, but Boo is scared of it and won't go through it.

The cute little dogs are not exempt from accidents, either. We got a black light last week to check for urine spots. The two upstairs bedrooms have little spots all over them and I am sure the carpet we replaced was partly spotted by the dogs, too. This is dirty dog syndrome and I doubt it can be changed in dogs that are nine and ten years old. That is why we got the doggie door in the first place.  Life is just easier with a door.  Boo was a rescue dog and Abby was just plain old stubborn.  Neither one took to potty training too well.

Today I have laundered ever piece of bedding in the boy's room.  Unfortunately, all the bedding the grandkids used was still in that room on the bed.  Oh, my.  Spring cleaning has begun.

I need to clean the shower, at least today and take a shower and get dressed.  The shower gets a lot of soap scum so I am off to do some housecleaning before it grows too late.  Time is moving on.

By the way, I did clean the two bathrooms upstairs.  I feel better about that day.  (added later)

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  1. If there is something I have noticed about you, Mom, it is that you are thorough. When you set your mind to doing something, you do it right. That is a good thing. Keep it up! That inversion will go away eventually. The sun WILL shine again. It feels so good to work, anyway. Better than sitting. Love you.