Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Menu Blues

Let's talk about menus today.  I don't love to make a menu. The only time it seems like a good idea is when it is time to cook dinner; it is not fun facing the dinner hour without a clue about what to fix. 

I am back on the menu bandwagon once again. My daily schedule is halfway worked out, and the menu part is this:
  •  Monday: Soup in Winter  Salad in Summer
  •  Tuesday: Chicken
  •  Wednesday: Use Food Storage
  •  Thursday: Fish
  •  Friday: Quick or Eat Out
  •  Saturday: Burger Bust
  •  Sunday:  Crock Pot Meal
Still moving things around from my original schedule; I need a few more weeks to see if it fits.

The biggest problem with making a menu is over planning. I want to add something new every day; try out new pins and recipes. It is hard to temper my desires with reality. After a few days of cooking new stuff I just want to stop with a menu and cook some old familiar meals like spaghetti instead of trying another new recipe.  I have to limit myself to one or two untried meals per week.

The grocery list gets a bit complicated and expensive, too, when trying lots of new stuff.  It all sounds wonderful on paper, but is not always practical. I am not interested in shopping all afternoon.

Last Saturday I went to Costco and then Walmart.  Are you kidding; shopping either store on a Saturday? It took three hours and cost almost $300.  Yikes! Fortunately I only go to Costco once a month. It is too easy to put another item in the cart that costs $10 to $20. I read the ads, but Walmart is still my choice since my Rx's are there. 

Note a pin about Walmart on my board Buyer Beware.  There are some things you don't by at Walmart.

Menu for the week:  
  • Monday: Angie's  Perfect Potato Soup,( another soup from the family recipe contest  
  • Tuesday:  Oven Fried Chicken with Baked Potatoes. Comfort food on a cold day
  • Wednesday: Storage Garlic Chicken (like the frozen one)(Storage,canned chicken, fusili, and bottled Alfredo Sauce) 
  • Thursday:  Oven baked Flounder with quinoa pilaf and green salad.
  • Friday: Hot Dogs with sauerkraut and crudites.
  • Saturday: Beef and Black Bean Burgers with Cumin Mayonnaise (from the cookbook, Beans by W. Park Kerr) and apple slices.
  • Sunday: Slow Cooked Artichoke Pasta (with Chicken) A new dish, but a super easy pinned recipe.  Let you know how it turns out.

That was an easier menu plan.  Did it in 20 minutes. Enjoy the day!


  1. Awesome. I let my kids pick out a meal twice a week to help with pickiness. I did notice you have a lot of potatoes planned. They must have been on sale :)

    1. You're right. I didn't notice it. I have revised the menu so there is only two potato dishes, although they are back to back. Thank you for reading my blog.