Saturday, January 31, 2015

Not So Smooth Saturday

Organizing my life is not going to be an easy ride.  I spent a busy Saturday doing some needed jobs that just wouldn't fit into my schedule.  I know my schedule is not the perfect organizational form and head down the slippery slope sometimes when things don't work out as planned.  I do set myself up for defeat when I don't accomplish a day's task, then another, but I am okay with that.  I have learned over the years to factor in bad days and just ride them out.  Tomorrow will be a better day. It always is.

I must remember a note I found on my peg board when I took over the receptionist job at the Mission Office.  "He who is not flexible will get bent out of shape."  I pinned it onto a Gumby figure and kept it on my desk to remind me to get over it when things don't pan out.  I better print that on my Daily Schedule.  

That said, my menu had a few open days this week.  I prepare it on Wednesday to Tuesday and last week I forgot about Thur, Fri, Sat, and Sun and made it for Monday to Sunday.  Silly me.  It has been the old style menu for a few days.  Punt.  (And Super Bowl this weekend.  No pun intended, but it is appropriate.)  

Tonight is a Burger Bust night.  I picked a recipe that fit the ingredients that I had on hand.  I chose a pin called Daddy's Hamburgers and Friday Faves found on the blog: (mostly because I had no buns and other exotic ingredients to work with and this would fit the shortage.)  It was good, and supposed to be juicy, but I must insert a couple of exceptions. First, the roll burned where they were not covered with meat.  It is an open faced burger broiled right on the ciabatta rolls and 550 degrees is way hot. Secondly, the meat was not cooked in 10 minutes. A little poke in the burger oozed out too much blood.  So I flipped the meat over and gave it more time and inadvertently overcooked them while preparing a salad.  No picture.  We were too hungry and gobbled them down, burned bread and all.

My error was in making two larger burgers instead of 4 small ones with my half pound of meat.  The Pinterest picture does not look like a slider and was just as thick in the picture as mine.  But, pictures can be deceiving.  They tasted okay with a fat slice of tomato on top even though they were not juicy as promised.  This recipe is back in the queue to try again and monitor it more closely.

Now Saturday is over.  Bummer.

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