Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Snow Day

Today would be a snow day anywhere else, at least for schools, but it won't be here.  We are used to snow. Actually, it is an April Fools Day joke.  We had maybe one storm this winter that stuck on the ground and piled up like this.  Not a good day for snow this deep for all the trees that are leafed out already.  Spring snow is damaging to the trees.  

The winds were so viscous yesterday that it knocked down several trees in the valley.  Dan finally found someone that we could afford to take out the dead cottonwood tree on the side of the house, but it was almost too late.

Large limbs (about 3 inches across) blew off yesterday.  It was frightening as they hit the roof and broke up sending debris over the roof, and one hit the chicken coup or shed while I was downstairs.  I didn't dare go outside for fear that one would fall while I was out there.  It sounded like the house was coming down.  Its a good thing the trash cleanup is in a couple of weeks.

These are some of the smaller branches that fell through the skylight on the porch roof.

The coup and shed and greenhouse are okay because the limb was a smaller one and blew off toward the gate which it was caught on.

Here is a preview:  (it is still snowing)

My measuring view is the amount of puff on the pots.

Lot of snow and still coming.

Alicia calls these my funeral pots. That's alright.  They are classics.

Tulips popping through

Chairs blown over

You can see the snow falling in this picture.  It may not be over.

Good day to hunker down and clean house or something.



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