Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Promise of The Resurrection

The Promise

On Easter Morning Our Savior rose from the tomb and saved all mankind from the deep, dark chasm of death.  Like the blossoms of Spring that return after the cold and dreary deathlike Winter, The Promise is fulfilled for life and beauty and happiness in the Eternal Home of God.

Buds awakenng

Promise -- Peonies
Opening to Spring's Warmth
Future Bonsai

All things bright and beautiful coming to life after winter's sleep.

Daffodils  --  first large bulb
All the pretty bulbs have come out except the tulips.  The Temple Square bulbs are miraculously bloomed.    (Probably force bloomed.) Mine are not out yet.
Blossoms that have not frozen in this past weeks below freezing nights.  
Apple Blossoms

Newly Planted Flowering Pear
And the last of the 
Flowering Quince:

Other Daffodil varieties:




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  1. Mom, Your flowers are amazing! You can coax the most beautiful blooms from your soil.