Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Home Again

The long summer of travel across the nation back and forth pretty much wore me out.  I was gone most of August and September with harvest time in between trips.  All the visits with family were great beginning with a 25 hour each way road trip to Illinois to attend a baptism of my grandson.  The time we spent there was priceless, but the time on the road was too much.  I thought it would be fun for a change, but it is not so fun.  After continuous mountains of Utah and Western Wyoming came the near desolation of Eastern Wyoming.  Then the road went nearly straight across Nebraska and Iowa.  It was one continuous road as far as you could see.  At least it got greener the further the drive eastward.  Although the end is not entirely flat, it goes slightly up and down, but on and on in a straight line.  It was totally dark when we hit Illinois so I had no idea where we were or what it looked like outside, but there were continuous toll roads.  We ran out of change fast.
Bowling With the Grandkids.

Coming home was the reversal.  We opted out of the toll roads in Illinois.  Iowa and Nebraska ran straight across the country in descending greenness and Wyoming and Utah were depressingly smoggy due to the number of forest fires in the west--especially in the state of Washington.  Yes, the smoke does travel that far.

Three days home and I get an emergency call from my youngest in tears because she needed helped after surgery so it was off to Maryland for two weeks.  Guess the garden will have to wait.
Grandkids and neighbor kids at the Great Falls, Virginia

I came home the second time in the middle of a bountiful harvest: tons of beans to freeze, tomatoes and peppers to make into salsa, dead ripe green grapes, cucumbers by the bushel and a waning zucchini crop, pears and apples falling on the ground and a tree full of large Asian pears. It was continuous preservation for a week and then off to Pocatello for my granddaughter's birthday.  Whew.  

Home again to more harvest which continues each day because of the warm/hot weather.  Busy busy, busy.

Now my attention is turned to cleaning and organizing my home after my mission and summer extension of that mission.  More on this later.

End of a great mission--Salt Lake City South Mission Office.

Altogether it has been a busy summer.  The blog went into arrest and I now plan to get it up and running once again.  Hold on.  I can get this all together once again.

By the way, I spent many captive hours making jewelry while on the road--one benefit of a long, long drive.  Lots to show.


Back to basics once again.



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