Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Trends on Tuesday

Finally, I am back in style after all these years.  The midi is back as a style this year, not just  'that's what I wear because I don't do knees.'  I heard that it didn't matter (years ago, I suppose), and any length goes, but the mini, the shorter above the knee length took over.  Then it was the striped maxi--a summer, beachy look to  me; then other full-length skirts came back masquerading as maxis.  I didn't think maxi would last, silly me, but it is outliving my expectation and its usefulness. 

Check out KSL TV's Studio 5 -- How to Rock a Midi Skirt. 

 There are ideas for wearing this length of skirt, rules, accessories and suggestions to create the best look. Pictures are showing all lengths from just below the knee to the longer mid-calf length.  We claim to not follow trends, pooh-pooh styles, but they work their way into our wardrobe, nevertheless.  May as  well get on top of it before the item you love the most is gone.  

To honor the Halloween Holiday I am posting my own quirky style.  If you know me, you know that I love to dress up on holidays, and Halloween is the most obvious.  I wear Orange and Black all the month of Occtober in celebration.  It is just part of my 'type One' personality.  Here are two midi skirts that have been in my closet for years.  Last year I shortened one of them to be closer to stylish, but kept the one long.  

The long midi.  My old 80's big shoulder jacket and my longer midi.  Don't love this look too much.  That is why I cut off the other black skirt.  I can't believe I ever wore this.  (My beautiful brides in the background.)

I like this length for my age, my body type and feel it is much more stylish.  There may be a place for the longer length, but I am not sure which moon of Jupiter that is.  Wack it off.  I like the pumpkin sox but didn't wear them last Sunday.  We were at Jacob's ward for his mission farewell and I didn't think they were ready for me.  My own ward knows me by now and accept me the way I am.



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