Monday, October 26, 2015

The End of the Harvest

Last week I picked the Asian Pear tree ( with help).  It was waiting and ripe, but not crying about it so it was put off as long as possible.  There was a ton of fruit and each one was huge with very few worms.  Then I picked the garden, too.  I was amazed at the amount of food still growing out there.  This is a picture of my one day harvest:

I filled up all my large bowls.  There are five bowls of pear apples, two bowls of tomatoes (finally--ripening very late), one bowl of beans one bowl of winter squash (didn't do so well this year) with a few cucumbers, jalapeno and sweet peppers, and a small bowl of grape tomatoes with a few orange small peppers and yellow pear tomatoes from my hanging pot.  

This is great, but meant a lot of work waited for me the rest of the week.  Therefore, no posts.  Most of the pix for posts just had to wait for this week. 

There is one lone bowl of apples from my five strain of apple tree that only has one type of apple left--johnagold (sp?)  Something was wrong with these apples this year.  They are pitted.  I thought it was hit with hail, but why this tree and not the pear apple right next to it?  Why is it all over the apple and not just on the top side?  Something is wrong with the tree and I will have to call my brother to see if ye knows.  (He is an agricultural graduate and works at the Utah State University.  He knows about these things.)  This problem makes the apples inedible; the pock marks are each bruised slightly so most of the apples just fell on the ground as chicken food.  They don't care about worms or bruises.  I hope to get some apple butter from the ones I picked.

This was the start of a busy week.  More later, I hope.



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