Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Sew and Sew Saturday

Saturday is a special day.  Today it is the changing of the month since I was in Maryland at the first part of the month.  I have been distributing my one Xerox paper box full of November decorations.  Not so much as the two totes and one paper box of Halloween stuff.  I cannot use too much of that one because they are colored and styled for black and ghouls and goblins.

Here is my Bombay chest with the HOF cornucopia and ceramic pumpkin from the ceramic shop a few dozen years ago.  I still have the pilgrims, too. I plan to make a leaf banner from the fall leaves I have been collecting for the mantle and will show that soon, and a new wreath for the door--today, hopefully.

My main activity today is sewing up some new pillow covers for the fall and a new brown skirt with fabric from my stash.  You don't work for the fabric store for several years without amassing a bit of fabric. That is more like a six or eight tote storage.  I really want to sew some of it.

Catch up photographs:

I brought in a lot of houseplants that were lounging around outside before my trip.  Many are still out--job for a Monday.  I purchased a nice pot holder this summer for this moving indoors project. 

It now houses my herbs and my pineapple plant in the sun of the South window.  It smells so good to bump up against the Rosemary and Thyme when cleaning around the area.  I also have a pot full of ginger that is filling up with roots to eat.  The leaves smell so fragrant when they are rubbed, too.  Oh, I love herbs.

I brought in the more tender houseplants.  One is my Jade Plant.  Two springs ago I potted up all my houseplants that had been neglected for several years because of my mission.  I brought them in last winter and then back on the front porch for the summer. My Jade plant grew a lot in that time and looked quite pretty.  Then this Spring when I put it out a bit too soon, it got pretty sagged and sunburned.  See my blog on July 11, 2015 poor neglected Jade plant. 


When I brought it in this Fall, the improvement shows.

Also, before I left I dried some of the Asian Pears.  I had five bowls full, dried four in two batches in my food dryer.  They are as sweet as candy.  Yum!

Above are three of the bowl of pear-apples and below is  one load of dried fruit.  I have a large food dryer with nine trays and that holds a lot of fruit.  The problem is my husband can eat a trayful without batting an eye.  I try to gently remind him how many whole pears he is eating and he will get a tummy ache if he fills up on water.  It is an age old concern so I usually hoard it until it is about a decade old.  

Halloween bits and pieces:

I have a linen closet full of colorful towel sets and odds and ends.  I decorate for the season as much as possible.  My orange towels are a wimpy soft color and not a great POP for Halloween so this year I decided to use the grey ones and duded them up with ribbon for a festive look.

As a parting farewell to Halloween we had a fun trunk-or-treat evening and decorated up the back with my pillows and another piece of "candy corn" fleece to use for something fun next year.

We had a surprise visit from the headless horseman and that was a great hit.  He was followed around by Laura Woolston on a motorcycle so we knew the probable identity of our mystery ghoul.



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