Friday, November 13, 2015

Friendly Friday

It is time to make some new goals for my blog.  I have perused a lot of Blogging 101 websites and the two things that I fall down on are 1) setting aside a time each day to work on it and  2) creating an area of focus,  a brand, a voice and tying it all together for my readers.  Since I have no aspirations to make money, or become well known, I don't need a 'brand' necessarily, but my voice is all my own.  I love to write and my blog is my writing persona.  This is me with all my 'curves and edges', all my ups and downs and sideways.  I wish to focus on "life--the view from over here"--which is west of the Mississippi, the Missouri, the Ohio, the Susquehanna, the Colorado and south of the Snake and the Columbia Rivers.  That just about covers my audience.  

I thought I would throw in a little chocolate to sweeten up my blog: The Hersey Chocolate Factory in Hershey, PA.  We visited here last week and got our chocolate fix for the week.   (I am supposed to add interest to my blog with pix and less writing.  I am not a photographer, so some may seem a little lame, but my husband used this excuse to buy a fancy camera to help me out.  Nice of him since I never use it and wouldn't know how.)

LIFE is a big subject and if I narrow it down I won't get to write about any old thing that crosses my mind.  I still have a few brain cells left after all these years and writing gives them exercise to stave off oldtimers disease.  I rest my case.  Following is optional.

I have noticed that blogging is a bit narcissistic.  I have never read one that is not in the first person voice, and about all kinds of personal stuff.  I can do that.  You can spot a novice writer by the first person tense in their writing.  I don't care for it most of the time in novels unless the writing is strong enough to carry it out, but it is a dead give away that the writer is newish.  It is easier to write in first person.

Novels are one thing; blogs are another.  This is like an essay--I say.  It is all personal.  Sometimes it is tedious or annoying when it sounds like a diary entry.  I don't alway need to know about running to the store unless it is pertinent to the post.  Sooo, I will try to keep my diary and my journal separate even though this is a journal of sorts.  My goal is to share the wisdom of age.  I have a lot of that (age that is), and try to entertain with my not always subtle humor.

That said,  I am dealing with some serious health issues and writing helps me think about you instead of me.  What would you like to hear?  What can I say to build friendship with you?  What can I share from my days on earth that might be interesting or informative?  This is my focus.



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