Friday, November 13, 2015

All that was October

 I would like to finish up October before I begin moving forward.  I had a lot of October stuff that I wanted to post, but my time was taken up with personal things and vacations.  I neglected my blog.

Attempted Selfie

Halloween Pillow Covers:

I had some remnants of Halloween printed fleece and decided to cover my sofa pillows;  one is black with ghosts and the other is crazy yellow.   There was a little more fabric so I made some small pillows, too, that fit the leftover fabric.    
They all have velcro openings so they can be stored easily in the Halloween totes and I can make other covers for other seasons.

I have lots of pillow forms from my days clerking and store managing at House of Fabrics.  The small 12 x 12 is supposed to be a gift and the narrow one I filled with a used pillow that I brought home from the mission and washed up. [See link on washing pillows: washday whites on February 2, 2015.] I cut one of these former Walmart pillows in half and sewed it closed then used it as my filler for the narrow yellow pillow.  Voila--recycle, reuse, repurpose.

Crazy Yellow pillow cover with velcro

This was a last minute project I threw together just before Halloween.  I have more to make next year.  See next October.

Halloween Jewelry (a small sample):

Gravestone Bones from Fusion

Nightmare Before Christmas Tree Earrrings and Black Swirl Necklace

Fang You Very Much Necklace from Fusion

Pumpkin Earrings

Swarovski Skull Earrings

Dare to Scare Bracelet from Fusion

Dare to Scare Bracelet from Fusion

Halloween Wreath:

And finally, my Halloween Wreath that was hurriedly put together from my grape vines late in the summer
fresh grape vine wreath
when I was supposed to be picking elderberries.  Dan spray- painted it black for me and I hung some Halloween stuff on it quickly including one of my necklaces--Halloween Bones.

Remember my little spiders, kids?

It was not that impressive, but it is all mine.  Perhaps I can fix it up more next year.  I love the black leaves on it, but they keep falling off.  Oh, well.

That is all the pix I took, but there was so much more.  It is all put away now.  See  you next OCTOBER. 



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