Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 36: Bracelet Baubles

The matching bracelet for the RW&B Bauble Necklace is composed of the same three beads:  14mm white Mountain Jade, 10mm red glass, and 13x9mm blue and white bumpy rondelles strung together with heavier elastic cord -- about 1mm.  These are heavy beads and need the support.

Stringing beads on elastic cord is easy.  Fastening it so it won't come undone is tricky.  Arrange the beads so the knot will be next to a bead with the largest hole.  Tie a square knot and tighten as much as possible without pulling your bracelet too tight.  Add a dab of clear fingernail polish (my choice) or jewelry glue.  Hold it out to dry a little (you can blow on it).  Let it dry overnight before wearing.  Then cut the elastic tail off fairly close to the knot and slip the knot into the large holed bead to hide it.  Voila'!  These knots never come undone for me.

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