Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 49: Earrings for the Retro Beads

I made two earring sets to go with the last two necklaces.  The first is a chandelier style.  I found a chandelier finding at Walmart, again.  I didn't know about bead shops.  I strung some of my pretty red beads and a gold oval from my mother's earrings to it and added a gold-plated earwire.  They have tarnished a bit over the years. 
My reaction when I put them on was shock.  These are so long.  I look like a hussy.  I lived in a rather cloistered world then. (and still do, but wear longer earrings sometimes.)  My two inch hoops were the largest thing I ever wore.  That is not entirely true--I had dangling shells and others that I wore occasionally, but the red (my favorite color) was a bit much.  Imagine that!

The next pair were a little less flashy and I wore them more often.  It took a few years to get out of the straight line of beads on a headpin style earring.  They are well balanced anyway. 

And listing to the right a bit.

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