Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 46: Retro Beads

This necklace is designed around beads that I got from a pair of my mothers earrings.  I received a big box of jewelry from my dad when she passed away.  There was a cute pair of earrings that was a cluster of gold oval beads, but  I had no intention of wearing them at the time because they were clip-on style.  Ouch!  I used them to make a necklace with an oriental flavor patterned after a necklace I found in the book: Stringing Style, by Jamie Hogsett.  The original necklace, "Foxy Cleopatra", pg 47, was a bit fancier and made with little gold bells.  This was one of my first beading projects and I didn't know anything about beads.  I bought some resin beads in big pack from Walmart and put it together the best I could.  At least it is lightweight.  Mine just has a plain lobster claw clasp.  Not bad for an amatuer.

My mom would have loved it!

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