Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 52: Real Rubies

"It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to. . ."  Actually, I am not crying, just because I am 65 and on Medicare now.  No reason to cry. 

Enough of that!  I spent the day making a real ruby necklace.  First, I spent hours trying to find where I hid my rubies, and didn't find the ones I wanted to find.  I did find the ones that I bought a few years ago and never dared make anything.  This is the year for courage. 

The beads were graduated in size and color.  When I first got them, I called  up the seller and asked why they sent me dyed rubies.  I found out that they naturally come in different shades of ruby--even white.  (I also know there are many shades of sapphire including different colors than blue, and rubies are related to sapphires.)

The construction went fairly fast and I was able to finish them and wear them that night to dinner.  The rubies are hand faceted and drilled.  Sometimes the hole was a little small, but I used a smaller beading wire.  I used 14K gold beads and a 14K gold clasp--only the best.  This was not an economy project.  It's my birthstone, after all.  It turned out very beautifully.

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!!

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