Friday, February 19, 2016

Freely Friday

Today is Free Friday.  I can feel free to do whatever I like today.  I need a better name:  Freaky Friday, Finally Friday, Free Fries, I haven't come up with just the right title.  I have Windsday Pinsday, and need something for Friday to indicate that I plan to let my hair down, so to speak.  I would welcome suggestions.  We could take a vote.

I have updated the last two posts with pictures if you want to take a peek. 

First, (please, never say first of all; it makes me shutter because it is always followed by second of all.  Bad dog.) therefore, first,  I have a surprise for you.  A dozen plus pix and it still looks blurry.
Number 1

My first little sprout of leaf cabbage.  It is so cute.  I can't believe it has sprouted in four days without any lights or special care.  The flat is still sitting on my Island counter.  It must be warm in here in spite of the storm/cloudy days.  It is not the only one; there are little sprouts pushing up the soil all over the flat.  I almost missed this momentous occasion.  Good thing it was right in front of me.  I am going to celebrate with Popcorn and a movie--The Martian that I rented for free with Amazon money I earned for shipping most of my Christmas packages by regular mail.  It may be an Amazon Prime thing.

Notice there is another little tiny seedling coming up behind this one.  I always plant extra just in case something happens to one of them.

Isn't it cute?

A little tip I thought about while cleaning the shower. Actually two tips:

Be sure to wash your bath scrubby once in a while so you won't get skin breakouts, especially in a moist climate.  It would be wise to do it once a week or month at least.  Put it in a hot wash like the white clothes if possible.  I put mine in a net bra washing bag.  I have two and so I put the sponges that I used cleaning the bathrooms in the other one.  The sponges I bought at Costco in bulk are not very sturdy. They fall apart after a few weeks and I have to toss them. I still like to put them through a wash cycle after use then dry on the top of the dryer, not in the dryer.

Next tip:  Use old scrubbies to wipe down the shower each time you shower.  Just rub it down with a soapy scrubby and it will diminish soap scum on the tiles. It will be easier to clean the shower later on.  It works better than shower sprays.  (I don't use this one on my body so I have to lather up the old scrubby with a little of my liquid body soap.)
an old bath scrubby

Third tip:  (Just remembered)  Use Command Hooks to hang scrubbies higher than the shower head to keep them dryer.  They won't get as germy.  (You might want to avoid placing them above the soap holder.)  The hooks will hold for years.

One more shower cleaning tip:  Clean all the bathrooms but your own, but spray down your shower before starting, especially if you use something awful smelling like Clorox, or Tilex.  Turn on the fan or open the window (or both) and go back to the other bathrooms first.  When you get to that last bathroom, clean the shower last.  Remove your clothing and get in to clean it.  No bleachy stuff on your shoes or clothing.  Scrub it down and then take your shower.  You may need it by then because after cleaning three bathrooms, like I do, you are probably all sweaty anyway. No picture of this one.  Gross!

That's all folks.



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