Friday, February 5, 2016

Southern Lady

The bead project du joir is called The Southern Lady Bracelet.  I admit I made this one exactly like the bracelet by the same name on Fusion Beads.  I loved it too much to change it, and I had to make it.

I love turquoise and coral together whether it is salmon coral or red coral.  Turquoise and red are a Southwestern tradition.  

This beauty is made with size 8 Matte Opaque Variegated Turquoise Round Japanese Seed Beads, (Not real turquoise) 4 mm Red Round Czech Pressed Glass Beads  (Not coral, either.) and Size 5 Dark Olive Baroque Pearl Seed Beads.

The nice thing about this bracelet is looks like a stack of separate bracelets, but it is just one bracelet to fasten on your wrist.  Can someone invent a way to put a bracelet on your own wrist?  Husbands are not handy at it because their fingers are too big.  Long fingernails make it nearly impossible to fasten Lobster Clasps or Round Clasps that require opening the clasp by pushing down a little tiny opener. This bracelet has a Toggle Clasp that is the easiest one to operate by yourself.  The only problem with them is they sometimes come unfastened and whoops, lost another bracelet.  I have lost several--I almost hate to wear them out of the house.

I really love this bracelet.  If you are a beader, click on the Fusion Bead link above and order the beads.  It is a fun bracelet to make.



PS:  One of the prettiest summer wedding receptions I attended used the colors red and turquoise.  I loved it.

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