Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Yesterday's Job

Due to inclement spirit the business of Monday will be reassigned to today.  If there are trends on Tuesday, I am not aware of them this week.

The objective of the day is to find a place to set up my plant trays.  Dan was very accommodating to my mood and took me out of the house to look at shelves.  I went with red eyes and sunglasses and as is always inevitable we ran into neighbors.  

There were no shelves better than the ones that are here in my back yard, so the excursion became a getaway.  Who gets a getaway to Home Depot?  Exhilarating. I came home with resolve to work it out, but it was raining outside and the temp had dropped considerably so the job was left for today. I set an alarm to get to it early and I'm outta here.

The aluminum shelf I needed was covered with pots and containers with 'stuff' for plant keeping on it.  All of my bonsai pots were there with two bonsai plants that I started last summer.  All of them were full of water that had frozen including my bonsai lilac bush.  The only pot that cracked was the bonsai.  It will have to be replaced this spring.  Fortunately, I have an identical pot.  

Tip:  always bring ceramic pots inside in the winter or dump the soil out of them because the freezing soil will crack the pot every time.  I have a bunch of pots in the garage because I didn't want to empty all of them last fall.  I knew they would freeze and break.  The two that were left outside all winter are broken.
I spent the rest of the morning cleaning up the shelves and cleaning up the conservatory where I would put it.  There was a lot of clean up from the cat box, spilled water and tons of dead leaves on the floor.
The beginning.

I now have to dig out my plant lights and hook them up under the top shelf.  The light from the window is good light but seedlings need more light to grow properly and not tall and spindly.  

Those little sprouts are now good sized and need the flat turned each day to give them some exercise as they head to the light.  Notice the leeks are springing out of the ground today.  They will be 4" high in a day or two.  The pepper seed will need heat to sprout so I must get the lights on them asap.
Leaning toward the light

Newborn Leeks

So Cute!

It is so fun to watch them pop out of the ground.  I love it.
The next flat will be lettuce and other greens that can thrive in the cooler weather and can be transplanted outside early. It is exciting to think about gardening again.  It never gets old. From the time the seed catalogs come in the mail to the first planting outdoors--it is heaven.  




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