Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday--Getting Organized Day

Happy President's Day

Gotta Get Organized!  I use Mondays for planning and organization.  It is time to get out the old schedule and start again.

Organization is a personal thing.  It doesn't always work to download someones wonderful Organizational Charts unless the one you use is not working for you.  Still, this should be used as a guideline to see what works for you. Because of this constant quest to find the perfect plan, I stumbled upon a good New Year's jump start called "The Cure" on a blog that I follow called Apartment Therapy.  See at The Cure and enjoy.

I respect and admire a person who is organized and shares their knowledge with others.  However, if you are an organized personality type, you have probably already found your own niche.  If you are unorganized, then try different methods to help to get on the ball, and don't feel bad if they fail. Ya gotta find what works for you and keep tweaking it until it fits.  

With that said, I have my own organization style that I developed when I was a young wife with babies.  I picked a room for each weekday and concentrated on cleaning that room only.  Days late in the week were set aside for bathroom then the living room on the last day of the weekday so these rooms were always clean on the weekend. That plan worked great when I had a 900 sq. ft. home.

As my family grew, my homes grew, but I still kept the basic plan, moving around the house each day cleaning up the weekly messes, dusting, vacuuming, clean fingerprints, etc. Soon the children were able they shared in the cleaning. On Saturday mornings during school days, they were assigned a room with a list of basic cleaning tasks.  Help is good. The daily cleaning was put on hold and the time was used for other endeavors like laundry, shopping, menu making and bill paying. Bigger is better, but much more work.

This program, however, leaves no plan for deep cleaning.  The fallback was always the ancient ritual of Spring Cleaning.  That is a lot of work.

Now the nest is empty, I have a big home with five bedroom, three bathrooms, two family rooms, a dining room, laundry room, conservatory and no one to help.  It makes one room cleaning per day just a little impractical. "The Cure" above is a four week program that covers the house (a small apartment size house) deep cleaning most of the deep stuff. 

I was unable to start on New Year's weekend due to impending surgery, but it can be done anytime.  I tried last week, but was not quite ready for the rigorous work. (It is not that hard, but combining my exercise goals with this plan was too much.) I will try again this week.  The beginning is not overwhelming.  The plan can be started any weekend and redone as needed, like cleaning a second floor or basement.

Now that's a lot of blathering.  I am thankful for Monday.  It is a great day to start over.




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