Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday's Stoup

If you ever watch Rachel Ray or read her books, you will run into the word, stoup.  That is what she calls a soup that is very think or a stew that is a little thin, somewhere in between.

That is what we had tonight.  I found a recipe on Pinterest that was cabbage roll soup.  It was a Russian version of stuffed cabbage rolls made into a soup.  I can do that.  I love cabbage rolls, but I don't especially love making them.  It takes more work to make them, parboiling the rice, separating the cabbage leaves and softening them in boiling water. Then they have to be assembled and finally cooked for an hour.  

This recipe cuts out a lot of work by making the ingredients into a soup.  Instead of using this Russian version which had a lot of ingredients that I don't use in my mom's recipe, I used only my recipe's ingredients.  Sort of.

First was the addition of onion.  There are not onions in Mom's recipe.  Secondly, I used meatballs instead of ground beef.  Of course, the rice was just added to the soup rather than in the meat.  Then, I put the whole thing in the crockpot so I could do it earlier and not have to worry about it.

Consequently, the rice thickened it to the stoup stage; more than I wanted.  The flavor was not quite right. The meatballs were filled with crumbs and tasted different.  It was good, but was not like the same* as Mom's Cabbage Rolls.

It looks good.  It tasted good. What more could you ask?  It filled my smaller pot, with two 15 oz. cans of diced tomatoes, one cup of rice, and half a bag of meatballs (not Italian) plus 3 cups of broth and still it was not soupy.  Add half an onion chopped and 1 T. dried sage rubbed.  Cook on high two hours to thaw the meatballs then on medium for two hours. Add chopped Cabbage and cook on high an hour or more until softened. That is all.  Salt and Pepper optional--canned tomatoes and the meatballs have a lot of salt.

It was much easier to make than stuffed cabbage rolls.  Great warm soup on a cold night.  Enjoy.



*An Amyism when she was growing up.  (My oldest daughter)

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  1. So, my family loves her Swedish meatball stoup recipe you gave us, in fact we ate it on Monday this week. I saw your pin for the cabbage roll soup and wanted to try, I love cabbage rolls, but not the hours it takes to make them. Maybe it would be better if you did like the Swedish recipe and just made a meatball mix and dropped them into the soup- instead of store bought meatballs?