Thursday, February 4, 2016

Western Ways

The beads du jour is the Western Ways Bracelet from Fusion Beads.  For instructions go to Fusion Beads.  I love the bead combination and the attractive style and made it as shown in order to learn the technique of the wrapped cord bracelet.  I did change the button fastener for one I had that was saved from a dress I made in the 90's that was too faded and tight for me. 

Western Ways is a beginner level bead project.  It is very simple to do and great for combining with other bracelets for that stacked boho or friendship bracelet look.  

It is made with Swarovski Light Turquoise Crystal Rectangle Mini beads and size 8 Metallic Gold Japanese Seed beads.

The other bracelet is one I ordered months ago for a dollar from some place that I don't even remember and it just arrived via slow boat from China.  Some email orders are slower than others.  This has been so long I forgot about it.

Hope to have a craft project later today or tomorrow for Valentine's Day.  



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