Friday, February 6, 2015

April in February

The sky is cloudy.  The wind in blowing.  The camera is taking its own shots of the grape trellis, but I like it.  Makes me want to work in the garden.

It is 4:00 P.M. The date is February 6, 2015 and the temperature is 67 degrees and has been that way all day. 

The flowering quince has leaves and flower buds.  Incredible.

Yesterday Dan tilled the garden 
and planted the peas.  IFA had the seeds already so in the ground they went.  Can you believe that?

With our last several weeks of warmer than usual weather, the peas might just begin to grow. Or not.  It is worth a try.

The Girls and Fritz

Here's the girls out taking a stroll around the yard.  They are as happy as a chicken could be.
Fritz, the Bantam Cock of the Walk
Agatha checking out the filberts I found on the ground

Oldtimer Molly, our first chicken six years ago

Hawkeye and Dixie  (too shy)

Bella Deux

And the naughty cat, Bella.  She is in big trouble all the time. 

Notice the rain barrel.  It got full then froze solid so the bottom bowed out and tipped it over.  No one is able to move it so it stays in the path until it finishes thawing out (which won't be long at this temperature.

And the camera got it last lick in with this picture.  I should let it take its own pix more often.
Hens and Chicks

Happy Gardening

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  1. mmmmmm... makes me want to get out and put my hands in the dirt! But I tried to go out here and just about got blown away. Snow is predicted- I think. Besides I have infections in my body. I feel like a walking flu vaccine. Cough, Cough... Love the pics. Makes me miss you.