Thursday, February 12, 2015

I (Heart) Hearts

Can you believe it?  The beading table is clean.  I worked hard on it and now I can bead again.  My first project is a dangling heart earring. Actually, I made three pair of heart earrings tonight. I don't have any heart earrings to wear this season except one that won't go into my ear smoothly.  It always hurts and I have to put a rubber backing on it or it will fall out.  Not my favorite.  The others seem to be hiding somewhere.

Hugs and Kisses Earring

This beauty is the Hugs and Kisses Earrings.  It is a version of Fusion Beads earring of the same name.  It is virtually the same, but the size of Swarovski crystal heart is larger.  I used a 18mm heart rather than the 14mm one.  This was very simple with an "X" dangle in front of the heart on one and an "O" dangle on the other.  I like it.

Cascading Hearts Earrings

Second, the Cascading Hearts Earrings.  The chain of red glass hearts already attached  (I bought them that way) is hooked to the loop of the Silver Plated Earwire and voila' the earring is completed.  Easy, peasy.

Chained To My Heart Earrings

Third, Chained To My Heart Earrings.  The 18 mm red enameled hearts are attached to the earwire with a 5mm jumpring. The small red enameled hearts are connected to a 3-3 1/2" Sterling Silver delicate chain then offset so they are not dangling evenly and attached to the back of the first jumpring with a tiny 2mm jumpring.  All done.  These are fun and fancy.

Now that's my cup of tea

So good to be back.

Happy Beading 

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  1. I don't believe it! The beading table is clean?? You've been working hard! Got any Raspberry colored hearts? I really need a raspberry colored necklace. It is my new favorite color to wear.