Saturday, February 21, 2015

Foreman Panini

Panini Without Buying a Panini Grill

This is my tip of the day:  You don't have to go out and buy a Panini Maker to make a panini sandwich.  Just dust off that George Foreman grill (everyone has one somewhere) and use it instead.  You can get the same striped sandwich with that never-used grill.

I don't care for chicken grilled on the Foreman grill because it is too dry so I store it high on top of the cupboard out of site, out of mind. Some day I should  try burgers, but I have a gas grill in the conservatory.

Here is the way to do it--a smashed sandwich with grill marks.  Make your sandwich.  I use Mesquite or other smoked luncheon meats and/or smoked cheese on sliced Italian Loaf bread or French bread.  (I buy smoked turkey because it keeps a couple of days longer in the refrigerator than oven roasted turkey.)  Add some greens--spinach or basil leaves and mayo.  Butter the outer sides of the bread like making grilled cheese sandwiches.    

Place in the grill and top with one or two heavy cast iron skillets to squish it down.  The grill comes with little adapters that you can put on the front feet to make the grill flat or even on top.  Grill away until it has grill marks on the sammy and melts the cheese.  Voila, a panini!  How hard is that?

I was watching Rick Bayless gilling some vegetables while making these sandwiches and so I threw on a couple of thick slices of Roma tomato.  Then I just slipped them into my sandwich.  Yum.

Happy Grilling!


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