Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How To Clean Stuffed Animals

While cleaning today, I found a box full of stuffed animals that had been stored in the garage, uncovered for a few years.  Gross.  I can't even give them to charity  (who really don't need them) because who knows what has been crawling in the box.  I braved the box and there was no evidence of rodents, no mouse tracks, just sawdust and regular dust.

Wash Me

I found some worth keeping so I decided to clean them up.  Here is my method:  Place the animals in a pillow case, tie the top with string or baste across the open end.  Wash them in a gentle cycle with warm water and a soap with some perfumed fragrance.  It will make them smell better.  (Don't do this if the owner is allergic to additives in the soap.)  

Use the soak cycle first if the animals need it then a gentle cycle.  Place the pillow and animals in the dryer and dry on cool for two or more long cycles.  Note:  don't put felt clothes (like Winnie The Pooh), or ribbons that won't wash.  Replace worn ribbons and put new eyes on any that have felt eyes that have fallen off or are ruined. Notice, the Olympics bear that I made has no eyes because they were glued on and made of felt. They disappeared?? He was never a baby toy, by the way. Don't panic.

Some dirty stuffed animals that are like new now.

The rest of the animals in the box went in the gabage except for a red bear that went out for Valentine's Day and a bunny for Easter.  The Care Bears are like new so I will give them to my daughter's girl.  They were her mother's toys--she loved Care Bears.

Still cleaning the craft room.

Happy Cleaning.

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