Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Wooden Heart

Happy. Happy Day

My Wooden Heart--a pendant found in someones buy-out of Blue Moon Beads.  This is a fun, not dress-up necklace.  The color was a challenge to match to other beads.  It is not quite red, not pink, not burgundy.  It took a long search in the bead stash to come up with something that would compliment the odd color.  Finally, I found a rubber covered round bead that worked  It is not black, but reddish brown.  Here we are:  My Wooden Heart:

A Wooden Heart

The necklace had two 9  mm red bicones next to the heart as spacers, then the 16 mm rubber coated round beads broken up with 10 mm acrylic hearts.  All are strung on a 1 mm red cord with handmade copper wire cord end and clasp.  It looks great on a rose pink turtleneck sweater.

To go with this fun-day necklace I created the Retro Heart Earring.

I remember wearing large dangle silver balls back in the sixties.  I still have them.  (remember--I am a cyber grandma) 

These are really only 16 mm and not as large as they look. They are the same rubber coated round beads in reddish brown.  Below that bead hangs a 9-10 mm pink AB crystal heart to go with the heart theme.  

Happy Beading!


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