Friday, February 13, 2015

Missed Me?


This blog and all scheduled work has been on hold this week so the black hole could be cleaned.  That is my downstairs studio, sewing room, beading room and all around craft area. So far the room is about 50% cleaned.

A laundry basket full of table linen

My desk area
My poor computer desk

My sewing area.

Boxes of beads to hang on the wall and other stuff to put way

Another box of missionary white shirts to clean up

For the first few days the stuff just sorta moved from one place to another.  I don't know where to put it all. It was too discouraging.  I decided to watch Hoarder. I am so close to being one of them.  Unfortunately, I have the same responses.  If I am put on the spot, I cannot continue to dejunk. I just freeze up.  I bought this stuff for a purpose, a wonderful project I just never got done. I think for some silly impractical reason that I can just work on it really hard and get all these project made up. Not going to happen in this lifetime. I also hate to give it away.  I feel like crying about this.  How hard can it be?  Totally Hard! If I can just get it all put away, out of sight, neat and organized. . .  You know, out of sight, out of mind.  That is not the solution, but that might be the only possible way right now. I need to sew, bead, etc., etc., etc. 

So, I am slowly going through it.  It may take forever, and this life will not be forever. I am keeping on task, sort of, and trying not to get too distracted.  

Back to the dungeon.

Happy Hoarding.   

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