Friday, February 13, 2015

More Hearts

Now the jewelry making has begun, I just don't want to stop. There are so many nice heart beads just waiting to be made into jewelry.

This is a different type of metal drop that makes great year- round earring.  It is named Fluttering Hearts.
Fluttering Hearts Earrings

Closer details -- Fluttering Hearts Earring

Notice the cute butterfly on the heart. This earring took a little more time because of the dangling wire wrapped crystals, but it was not that difficult to make.  I chose Swarovski's Indian Red 4mm bicones for a different red color.  I think I will make a matching necklace* with chain and inserted crystals. There is an extra drop that doesn't have a mate to make more earrings to sell.

Next, I needed a pair of earrings to go with  a Turquoise necklace I made a while back.  The earrings pick up the colors in the necklace that has inlaid coral, yellow and black obsidian (and more).

South Western Heart Earrings
The hearts are 15mm Magnasite dyed turquoise with Coral chips and size 11 seed beads in yellow, black and turquoise.
South Western Heart Set
The pendant is a 30mm Turquoise and inlaid gemstones like Malakite, Lapiz, Coral, Obsidian, (Not sure what the yellow is?) with Sterling Silver divisions across the heart.  The necklace is made with Turquoise mini chips dissected with Coral, Calcite and Lapiz small chips and SS beads. I have one pendant left, first come first serve.

Happy Beading!

*Note: I don't appreciate Oprah Winfrey starting the "matchy, matchy" thing on her program years ago.  I still like matching jewelry.  So there! 

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