Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 18: Turquois Lentils

Today was another busy day: work and travel. There was time to pack before work and time to pack the car before leaving. The bead project for the day would have to wait until I got to Pocatello. Unfortunately, with a very late start and driving in a rain storm I was too tired to do any beading that night.

The necklace I chose to make was such an easy project. I bought a string of turquois lentils at the Bead Faire. They were already strung and only needed a clasp attached. When I sat down to do it, I decided to use a gold clasp instead of silver. It was wired with silver wire and crimps to I had to take it apart and add gold wire and gold crimps. I picked up a gold plated sterling silver clasp that was Tai Silver. To finish it nicely I added some gold crimp covers, too.

This is beautiful turquoise from Troy Springs, Nevada. I purchases several nice pieces of turquoise from different mines for a lovely variety of beads. I went to the Bead Fair specifically for Turquoise--especially Sleeping Beauty because I understood they were closing the mine this spring. I hoped to get some more pieces at a good price before the prices skyrocketed. Too late. The prices were at least three time the price I paid a few years ago. What I bought for $40 was now over $125 or even $180. I bought other colors of turquoise at prices that were still over priced. It is now time to make my hoarded turquoise into jewelry. You will be seeing more in the future.

Turquoise on fox.

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