Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 29: By The Sea Necklace

By The Sea--an oldie but goodie. I must fill in some days in order to catch up. This is a favorite of mine. I do love it. As a Type 1, I shouldn't wear it because it is silver and not gold, but I can't imagine it in anything but silver.
The earrings are really too insignificant and need to be remade. Incidently, the whole thing will need to be remade because my precious bull in the china shop tried to move the table into the sunlight and dropped it onto the cement breaking off one of the starfish legs. So sad!
The two blue green faceted stones are calcedony--very beautful gemstones. PS: I have another starfish,fortunately, but I was saving it for one of my daughters who loves the ocean. Now I have another daughter who lives by the sea, so there is a dilemna. Perhaps I should cut it in half Solomon style.

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